New Orleans Daiquiri and Bar is a exactly what you think it is! A trendy restaurant that has brought New Orleans cousine to Atlanta. I am social distancing, so I ordered the food to my home 😦 I much rather be there drinking daiquris! Let’s get into it:

  • This would serve no purpose if I didn’t rave about the menu right? Even if you just ate, you will be hungry after reading about their menu and smelling what’s cooking. They serve a variety of great dishes such as their big easy alfredo pasta, overstuffed po-boys, and even FRIED GATOR. Yepp! you read that right, and I have heard it is sensational.
  • I went straight for the carbs and ordered the big easy alfredo pasta! This came packed with smoked sausage, grilled chicken, and shrimp all topped with a cajun alfredo. This was pasta heaven for me, and I love noods. The creamy sauce was perfectly mixed in with the penne. If you really love carbs, please believe that their garlic bread is amazing. This bread was soft and garlicky! I was content and stuff while social distancing at home.

Though the world is in a crisis, I hope you all are safe and taking precautions! Besides watching Netflix, please feel free to send me activity suggestions. As I am social distancing and staying inside, I figured I would answer a few of the popular questions I have received:

  • Why did I start this?
    • Since I am a student in college, I was given a marketing project to start a blog and work on growing it over the semester. So, I took the idea and ran with it! I decided to talk about food, because I am always eating and following food pages on Instagram. Turns out… I really enjoy engaging with people over food!
  • What’s my favorite thing about blogging?
    • My favorite thing is expressing myself creatively through this blog. I want to talk about food from a millennial perspective and make reviews fun to read. I hate reading stiff or bland blogs, so I allow myself to write freely.
  • What is my favorite fast food place?
    • For those who know me over the years know that I out loud love Panda Express! Chick-Fil-A is a close second for sure. I get it. You may not like it or have comments on it, but please believe I have comments for whatever your favorite fast food as well.
  • How do I decide at which restaurants to cover?
    • I made a list when I moved to D.C. and have used that as reference. However, I use Instagram to see what people are eating. I always listen to suggestions and find where they fit into my content!
  • How do I afford this on a college budget?
    • I have a simple philosophy with that. I love to shop whether it is for shoes, clothes, or technology. I cut back on my shopping on those items and used the money that I would have to treat myself to food every weekend. Pretty much sacrificing those material items to spend my pocket money on experiences.
  • STAY SAFE!!!

Stick Fingers Sweets & Eats is the home delicious vegan treats that have also won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars twice. Let’s get into it:

  • Sticky Fingers has been one of my favorite dessert places since moving to D.C. They put together some of the best looking cupcakes you will ever see. Besides their looks, they love to take risks with their combinations. For them to be 100% vegan, I could eat 100 cupcakes right now and still not believe non-animal products were used. My favorite standouts from their menu are peanut butter fudge cupcakes, cherry blossom cupcakes, and sticky buns! They also serve a few brunch items on the weekends such as pancakes, french toast, and biscuits & gravy.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, I advise that you try everything. Sorry for the terrible advice, but you will not regret it. The flavors from the cupcakes are immaculate. They won Cupcake Wars for a reason, so go be fat and try these cupcakes. Since they all taste so good, I always have a hard time deciding what to get. I walk in and just stare at the options like..

Redrocks is an award winning wood oven Napoleon bistro known for their pizzas. Buttttttt I went for brunch, because we brunch on Sundays. Let’s get into it:

  • Despite Redrocks being known for their pizzas, they put together some great sounding brunch dishes and of the best bottomless mimosas you can find. Their menu contains nice options such as a sunrise pizza, brandy-spiked french toast, and seafarer’s seafood scramble! To get drunk off blood orange mimosas, I also love the option to get brandy-spiked french toast. Just have me drunk the whole day I guess.
  • I ate the seafarer scramble and garlic knots. These garlic knots will make you question if you’re actually Italian. They were $6 and I could given them my whole $20. The seafarer scramble was extremely tasty due to the garlic shrimp mixed in the scramble. Their choice of seasoning it with red peppers, parmesan, and basil was perfect. Believe it or not, I put my drink down to actually enjoy all of these flavors. By the end of this bottomless brunch, I was stuffed, happy, and doing strange drunk things like this..

Happy Friday! I hope your day is filed with happiness, gratitude, and food! Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo, because NOW I AM HUNGRY! If you want to be featured on the next Foodie Friday instead of drooling over someone else’s photos, please message me your photos on Instagram @marseatss. #CameraEatsFirst

  • Pictures starting from top left going then top right
    • Albi (Washington, D.C.)
    • Walrus Oyster & Ale (Washington, D.C.)
    • Junior’s Restaurant & Cheesecake (Brooklyn, NY)
    • Takahashi Market (San Mateo, California)
    • Fill Bakeshop & Creamery (Costa Mesa, California)
    • City Sweets and Treats (Washington, D.C.)
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Rosa Mexicano is known for how well they bring you an upscale dining experience while also honoring the Mexican heritage. Seems like a great combo! Let’s get into it:

  • Rosa Mexicano is what you call gorgeous. As you walk inside, you will notice the high ceilings and elaborate lighting. They truly embody an upscale restaurant and serve of the best Mexican cuisine in the land. Their menu is exquisite to say the least. You will find empanadas filled with crab and shrimp, enchiladas filled with crab meat topped with a roasted tomato sauce, and grilled octopus.
  • Did I like what I had? Nah. I loved it. The guacamole was not able to get flicked up, because I chowed it down too quick. Easily the best guac I have eaten! The empanadas were heavenly texture wise. The crab and shrimp was fire! The enchiladas were to die for. The plump crab meat mixed in the roasted tomato sauce was delicious. The meal won my heart, and I am devastated that it is over..

Call Your Mother Deli defies what a typical deli is. They are here serving great Jewish foods with a twist! Let’s get into it:

  • Off the rip, you can notice the fun environment inside with their bright colors, funky seats, and decorative menus. The place is also perfect for a nice day with their outdoor patio. On their menu, you’ll find creative bagel sandwiches like a bacon, egg, & cheese with a spicy honey drizzle. Or you can get the “Kyle B” which is graham cracker cream cheese and honey nut Cheerios on a chocolate bagel! OR a pizza bagel. They’ll really have you in there for breakfast in lunch with these options!
  • I haven’t had a BEC (bacon, egg, & cheese) in a long time, so I felt like it was necessary to indulge today. The bagel came out, and you bet your ass that I wanted to call my mother! This bagel was ah-maze-ing for real. The bagel was slightly crispy, the bacon had a nice crunch, and the cheese was holding this beauty together. The spicy honey drizzle took this from a 10/10 to at least a 13/10. After I finished this bagel, I really had to be stopped from calling my mother..

Sweet Sosumba is a Jamaican vegan cafe that sits in NW Washington D.C. They pride themselves on being 100% plant based and soy free, but their flavors lack nothing. Let’s get into it:

  • Welcome to Sosumba, the full operational plant based Jamaican cafe. Looking for an authentic, soulful, and comfortable restaurant? Sweet Sosuma will check off all of those boxes! The menu is curated to please plant based diets and Jamaican tastebuds. You will find jerk chick’n, curry chick’n, jerk ital stew, and many more. Instead of soy, Sweet Sosumba uses a chickpea base for their meat substitutes!
  • “You’re a jerk. I know”. I had the jerk chick’n, rice and peas, and cabbage. Kudos to whoever makes the jerk seasoning, because this was easily one of the best jerk sauces I have had! The rice and peas had tons of flavor, especially being mixed in with the jerk sauce. The cabbage was extremely fresh, so I was without a doubt enjoying myself. Some will even say that I was cheesing like Stanley from ‘The Office’..

Happy Friday! I hope your day is filed with happiness, gratitude, and food! Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo, because NOW I AM HUNGRY! If you want to be featured on the next Foodie Friday instead of drooling over someone else’s photos, please message me your photos on Instagram @marseatss or email me at #CameraEatsFirst

  • Pictures starting from top left going then top right
    • @thefrankiefix_
    • @feedthemalik
    • @citysweetsandtreats
    • @icedevilyummies
    • @justseasonedwell
    • @fromtheheartcooking28
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Shaw’s Tavern resembles an American tavern that offers seasonal dishes that contains classic comforts and rustic delicacies. They also have on the best bottomless mimosa deals! Let’s get into it:

  • We loveeeee a good brunch. Shaw’s Tavern presents an old town road type of vibe with tons of wooden fixtures and bar stools. The menu isn’t that conservative though! You can find vegetarian/vegan options and gluten-free options. Some of the mouthwatering menu standouts to me were the mange chipotle BBQ wings, cornbread chicken & waffles, and the farmers vegetarian pizza. I’m a huge fan of lunch foods, so I was lit off the mimosas while celebrating my order!
  • My wonderful plate was made up of a steak & egg burrito w/ homefries. The steak was fantastic! Extremely tender and juicy, but the pico de gallo was so on point! Maybe it was the alcohol talking, but the flavors were all paired together so well. The homefries blew my mind, and the potatoes were crispy and seasoned. Overcooked potatoes are never satisfying, so I was cheesing with happiness! Rules before next brunch: choose Shaw’s Tavern, be hungry, and call your friends. tell them “let’s get drunk”