King Crab ATL is a hot new seafood spot that has grown especially popular with their special sauce. I was stoked to try it! Let’s get into it:

  • Before we get into the sauce and seasoning, I fell in love with plumpness of the shrimp and freshness of the crab legs! Theportions were fantastic since they also threw in roasted potatoes and corn on the cob. Call me fat, but I was working my way through finishing all of it! I was peeling shrimp, nibbling on corn, and cracking crabs. It was definitely some great bonding with my friends. I felt like like I was competing in a sport trying to get all of the crab meat out.
  • The special sauce was heaven sent but could also send you to heaven if you eat this everyday LOL. It was a butter base infused with other seasonings. It elevated every bite I had. I dipped everything into this sauce, even the corn. This was the definition of finger lickin’ good! Even though I left full as hell, I still woke up the next day wanting more..