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Roaming Rooster was founded in 2015 with the idea of selling chicken that made you feel good. Social media said this chicken sandwich tops Popeyes infamous sandwich. Let’s get into it:

  • I have seen Roaming Rooster all across Instagram after the Popeye chicken sandwich exploded. Roaming Rooster put together a variety of chicken sandwiches. Their menu includes Nashville Hot chicken sandwich, chicken tenders, and their famous honey butter fried chicken sandwich!
  • Boy oh boy. Was it good?? Nah… It was great! I had the Nashville hot chicken sandwich and added honey butter onto that. It was mind blowing how tasty this was. The sandwich was extremely juicy and flavorful. It was 2 chicken breasts, so it was plentiful to eat. Every aspect of the sandwich worked together to create this excellence. Have you ever been craving something and finally get it and say “that hit the spot”? THIS SANDWICH will hit the spot if you like chicken. Sorry, but the truth hurts. Go get you a sandwich dammit!

Joella’s Hot Chicken is dedicated to only using natural ingredients and making their hot chicken from scratch. They aren’t aiming just to make you a meal, they’re aiming to make your whole day. Let’s get into it:

  • I have been to a few hot chicken places that I have really enjoyed, but Joella’s was unique in their own sense by having a drive-thru and a variation of typical menu items! The drive-thru was a blessing, because I went with limited time before an event. CLUTCH. Obviously their menu contains hot chicken; however, you will also find chicken & waffles, parm garlic fries, and vegan chicken! It was hard to make a choice of what to order, I had to tell the other cars to stop honking.
  • After deciding to order the hot tenders with parm garlic fries and mac & cheese. I now realized that there is probably not one menu item that I would devour. Everything was heavenly. The chicken was so juicy and packed with flavor. They did something special with the mac & cheese though! It had 4 different cheeses, bread crumbs, and fresh herbs. The parm garlic fries were very tasty as well. The seasoning was nicely shared. If I’m close to Joella’s, I will not entertain any other chicken recommendations.