Astro’s doughnuts and fried chicken was started by Elliot Spaisman and professional hockey player, Jeff Halpern. They have used seasonal flavors and classic recipes to make great doughnuts and fried chicken. Let’s get into it:

Spicy Chicken Sandwich on Cheddar Biscuit and Sesame Bun
  • Astro’s is one block away from the White house, so expect it to be busy! They have a sit down portion of the restaurant and a “fast food” carry out side. It was a great environment to eat comfort food and hangout with friends.
  • The uniqueness of the menu definitely caught my attention. You can find a maple bacon donut, creme brûlée donut, or PB&J donut! I was so excited, then found out I can also order a spicy chicken sandwich on a cheddar biscuit or a chicken sandwich BLT between a savory donut.
  • I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich with a cheddar biscuit, and it was the perfect combonation of spiciness, ranch, and the biscuit tied it all together so well! It got a little messy, but it was well worth it. The tater tots were so fresh and tasty! I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Only thing that I would change is the number of pickles on the sandwich, because I was left looking like..

Happy Friday! I hope your day is filed with happiness, gratitude, and food! Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo, because NOW I AM HUNGRY! If you want to be featured on the next Foodie Friday instead of drooling over someone else’s photos, please message me your photos on Instagram @marseatss or email me at #CameraEatsFirst:

  • Top Row
    • BurgerTapShake (Washington, DC)
    • Los Tacos (New York City)
    • Bertucci’s (Various locations)
  • Bottom Row
    • Po Boy Jim (Washington, DC)
    • Egg Shop (New York City)

Nando’s story begins with Portuguese explorers discovering the African Bird’s Eye Chili and turning them into addictive sauces. PERI-PERI may be one of my favorite spices! Let’s get into it:

Boneless Chicken Breast w/ Portuguese Rice. Portobello Mushroom & Halloumi Wrap w/ Corn & Garlic Bread
  • You walk in Nando’s, and you immediately notice the shiny wood interior. You are seated, handed a menu, then once you make a decision you go order at the front counter. I promise, the food is worth the slight confusing experience !
  • The freshness of their food is what keeps me, and so many other coming back to Nando’s for a good bite. Whether I order the PERI-PERI wings, the chicken breast sandwich, or portabello mushroom wrap, I know that I can’t lose picking any option! I love the variety of sides such as mashed potatoes, Portuguese rice, and mushed peas. Don’t feel bad if you want to order multiple starches, because you win with any of these choices!
  • When I tell you that Nando’s seasoning and sauces are heavenly… I completely mean that. I love how versatile their sauces are! I may drop some hot sauce on the chicken then dip it in the lemon & herb sauce. The garlic bread has much flavor as well, and pro tip: you should throw a splash of the mango & lime on it. Okay. Wow. Now I am craving this so bad!

Nandos Information:

Old Ebbitt Grill is an extremely popular Victorian-inspired restaurant located in Washington, D.C. Their architecture, hospitality, and food make this place stand out! Let’s get into it:

Lobster Fra Diavolo
  • The ambiance of Old Ebbitt is lovely. The big revolving door entrance creates a classic entrance. Clean marble floors are everywhere, and they connect to the worn down basement stairs which gently remind you of the age of the restaurant. Waiters were moving 100 mph, but they were hospitable and made it look so easy!
  • The menu had many great options, and it made my food decision so difficult. Do I want the Lobster Fra Diavolo or the Rueben or the Horseradish Glazed Meatloaf?? If we were playing family feud, all of these would be the #1 answer!
  • The Lobster was extremely fresh and plump, one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had. The pasta sauce was light, but flavorful! I also had the Calamari appetizer. the dipping sauce was so good, I could have cried on the spot.

Jeni’s Ice Cream brings people together with their unique and delicious flavors of ice cream and wonderful customer service. Fresh ingredients and a nice environment makes this place special. I would chose this over most dessert places any day of the week! Let’s get into it:

Brambleberry crisp, Frose, and Rainbow
  • The ambiance of Jeni’s is youthful and bright! The employees are always upbeat and full of energy. This creates an infectious vibe throughout the shop. Every time I have gone, the line is piled up to the door, but the the wait is worth your time.
  • The flavors of Jeni’s are outstanding and unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. I don’t know who thought to put blackberry jam into vanilla ice cream to form Brambleberry crisp, but it works! From the Frosé to the salted peanut butter with chocolate, every bite will perfectly melt in your mouth. They found the perfect combonation of flavors and smoothness!
  • Could I eat this everyday? Yes without hesitation. It is affordable and great quality. I usually get the trio, which includes 3 scoops of my favorites at around $8.75. A pint is $12 and could EASILY be eaten in one night! Nobody wants your store bought ice cream when Jeni’s is still open!

Happy Friday! I hope your day is filed with happiness, gratitude, and food! Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo, because NOW I AM HUNGRY! If you want to be featured on the next Foodie Friday instead of drooling over someone else’s photos, please message me your photos on Instagram @marseatss or email me at #CameraEatsFirst:

  • Top Row
    • Winnie’s Gourmet Pizza Bar (Queenstown, New Zealand)
    • Bonchon (Various locations)
  • Middle Row
    • Tre Otto (New York City)
    • Shoya Japanesse (Atlanta, GA)
  • Last Row
    • Tico (Wasinhgton D.C)

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar is located in Boston, MA, and it was one of the most interesting places I have ever been! Their Mexican inspired food left me in pleasantly surprised! Let’s get into it:

steak parilla quesadilla
  • The ambiance at is Lolita is very intimate with a playful twist! Their tables are dimly lit throughout, so you almost feel like you are important, and the aroma is delectable! They have smooth, eclectic music as well! It is more than just a restaurant, it is an experience.
  • The menu features a variety of unique drinks, dishes, and desserts. The drink menu presents a nice balance between tequila and fresh ingredients like basil and cucumbers. Their dinner menu is lit! Items such as vertical nachos, brisket tacos, and mushroom empanadas are just a few things that caught my eye. Not even their quesadilla looks like a regular quesadilla! To add their the playful style, they bring the check with a big ball of cotton candy to share.
  • The flavors… were SPOT ON. The steak parilla quesadilla was absolutely delicious. I would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could! Their queso and chips was authentic and amazing, and a great mix of silky and creamy. Get your mind out of the gutter! (LOL ). I came in here for Mexican food and left wondering why every Mexican place is not this good..

Happy Friday! I hope your day is filed with happiness, gratitude, and food! Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo, because NOW I AM HUNGRY! If you want to be featured on the next Foodie Friday instead of drooling over someone else’s photos, please message me your photos on Instagram @marseatss or email me at #CameraEatsFirst

  • Top Row
    • Metropolitan Cafe (Barcalona)
    • Old Ebbitt Grill (Washington, D.C.)
    • Park Restaurant (Quebec, Canada)
  • Bottom Row
    • Xinji Noodle Bar (Cleveland, Ohio)
    • District Soul Food (Washington, D.C.)
    • Cheesecake Factory (Various locations)

You know the saying “everything’s bigger in Texas”. Well.. Truluck’s in Austin definitely supports this phrase. This city is filled with young professionals who love to eat. After I ate at Truluck’s, I may need to pack up and move there! Hold my bags y’all.. because I am about to praise the food in the post. It was truly a 5 star dining experience. Let’s get into it:

  • I started off with the Chilled Shellfish Platter. This massive dish had me shook when this was placed on my table! This included 2 jumbo shrimp, 2 oysters, 2 Florida Stone Crab claws, and blue crab cocktail. If you like seafood, you NEED to try this. The crab cocktail was so fresh, I could’ve hugged the chef to thank him.
  • For my entrée, it was a tough choice, but I had the Salmon Béarnaise. Whoever thought to put this dish on the menu needs a raise immediately. It was a salmon filet laid beautifully on a bed of mashed potatoes. The salmon was covered with a lump of delicious crabmeat and two plump shrimp. This was 10 out of 10, would absolutely recommend!
  • Top off it all off, I finished with their Chocolate Malt Cake. I do not have a picture because I ate it too quickly and forgot, but you can google “Truluck’s chocolate malt cake” and see why. This cake was wild! 4 layers of chocolate cake filled with rich chocolate icing spread between. Besides the fluffiness and great flavors, the fruit on top of the cake was so refreshing. They gave such a large slice, it could easily feed a family of 3. I wasn’t readyyy for how bomb this meal was, it really blew my mind!

Must I repeat, Haikan is HOT. Ramen is a popular dish that can be found in many Japanese restaurants. Haikan is cool little date spot, where you can eat and catch a vibe or order your food to-go and quickly get back to Netflix! If you still eat ramen out of a packet, this ramen will make you reevaluate your life thus far. Let’s get into it:

Spicy Shou
  • Haikan’s ambience easily separates it from similar style restaurants I’ve been to, with its mixed Japanese design with the modernization of Washington, D.C. The open preparation station and kitchen presented a homey vibe, because you could see everything being made! It’s almost like dinner and a show. The outdoor patio is nicely furnished and a great place to eat, drink, and take selfies during golden hour.
  • The menu is exquisite and offers you different items such as spicy shoyu (ramen), ramen cookie sandwich, and a giant shrimp burger that’s available during happy hour. If you choose to dine in, you should definitely try one of their signature cocktails. The frosé was a must for me, because who doesn’t like frozen rosé with their food???
  • The portions for the large bowl were great! I took some to go and BODIED the leftovers the next day. Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself. A small would definitely still do the job though and is $5 cheaper! It’s a win win situation with whichever you choose.
  • The flavors from Haikan made me smile 🙂 The presentation of the bowl was very neat and crisp. AKA photo worthy! I ordered the Spicy Shou. Each and every components of the bowl was mixed together so well. I could not stop diving in for another bite, the flavors were so unique and tasty! AND the broth!! simply unmatched.. It was wonderfully potent, and the extra spice added the perfect touch. After a few bites in, you will without a doubt feel like..