Shaw’s Tavern resembles an American tavern that offers seasonal dishes that contains classic comforts and rustic delicacies. They also have on the best bottomless mimosa deals! Let’s get into it:

  • We loveeeee a good brunch. Shaw’s Tavern presents an old town road type of vibe with tons of wooden fixtures and bar stools. The menu isn’t that conservative though! You can find vegetarian/vegan options and gluten-free options. Some of the mouthwatering menu standouts to me were the mange chipotle BBQ wings, cornbread chicken & waffles, and the farmers vegetarian pizza. I’m a huge fan of lunch foods, so I was lit off the mimosas while celebrating my order!
  • My wonderful plate was made up of a steak & egg burrito w/ homefries. The steak was fantastic! Extremely tender and juicy, but the pico de gallo was so on point! Maybe it was the alcohol talking, but the flavors were all paired together so well. The homefries blew my mind, and the potatoes were crispy and seasoned. Overcooked potatoes are never satisfying, so I was cheesing with happiness! Rules before next brunch: choose Shaw’s Tavern, be hungry, and call your friends. tell them “let’s get drunk”

City Sweets & Treats is not your typical home-based bakery that puts out brownies and cookies everyday. City Sweets & Treats owner, Maria, has been elevating her game and specializes in several kinds of pastries, brioche breads, and yeast-based breads. Put the chocolate strawberries to rest this Valentine’s day and order you a few cardamon buns or raspberry sweet rolls!

  • Reasons why you should shop with them
    • When you are looking for baked goods, you want to shop with someone who is passionate, patient, and puts love into their baking. That’s what City Sweets & Treats is all about! No baked good is sitting and drying out over there, because every order is made fresh just for you.
  • Reasons why I brag about the pastries
    • I love a wide variety of flavors when it comes to dessert. Sometimes I want chocolate, and sometimes I want cinnamon. City Sweets & Treats creates tons of different flavor combinations such as a chocolate raspberry sweet rolls, egg nog babka muffins, and a triple bacon sweet roll! Where else can you get that delivered to your doorstep in D.C.?
  • Reasons why I should ditch the box of chocolates?
    • We should support more of our local businesses. The quality is just as good (if not better than large businesses). And, a little support has never hurt anyone. Show love this holiday season! I’ll be on the lookout.

Ida B’s Table is a fantastic black owned restaurant sitting in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. I could go on and on about how many awards they’ve gotten for their food and service, but I’m going to stick to how good their food was. Let’s get into it:

  • Ida B’s Table presents soul right when you walk through the door. You will 100% feel like you are at your grandmother’s house on a Sunday! Comfort food flies out the kitchen! The menu consisted of many tasty sounding options such as Brisket Benedict, Moroccan Lamb Burger, and Ida B’s famous Homefries.
  • I ordered the chicken and waffles, because they put a star next to it and I was curious! It absolutely delicious. It was smoked fried chicken with smoked honey drizzle on top of a sweet potato waffle. Read that again. The chicken made me shed a slow tear. I need the recipe! The sweet potato was very different but exceeded all expectations with the flavor. I was asked if I could share a piece, and my face said it all..

Milk & Honey cafe is the perfect fit for brunch with friends or family gatherings. The place was filled with love and passion. Let’s get into it:

  • The menu includes a wide variety of mouth watering dishes. They have put you know that feeling when you are hungry and everything on the menu is calling your name?Items such as lobster, egg, and cheese croissant, fried crab legs and waffles, or hot honey chicken biscuit. Woww. Now i’m hungry again!
  • I ordered the Blackened salmon & grits and smothered chicken & biscuits. The salmon was magnificent. The grits were creamy and mixed with a cajun sauce. Absolutely fire. I couldn’t put my fork down! The smothered chicken was cooked perfectly and laid on top of jumbo biscuits. Eggs scrambled with cheese topped with their cajun sauce. It went together better than ketchup and mustard. I fell in love with with every dish I ate. I try to be happy at other brunch places but deep down I look like this..

Storico Fresca has created a true Italian experience in Atlanta. They locally source their ingredients and also have a grocery store intertwined. Let’s get into it:

  • The ambiance of Storico Fresca is one of a kind. To find this place is a fun challenge, because it is a basement surrounded by other stores. After walking in, you immediately sense the vibe of authentic Italian food. Fresh pasta being rolled out, sauce being made, and wine poured in several glasses. The lighting is dim, but it serves as a nice intimate setting to devour pasta.
  • My food came out, and I was ecstatic after ordering Linguine al Pesto and Fritto misto di Mara. The Fritto misto was an appetizer made up of fried calamari, shrimp, and branzino. They were all fried perfectly and went crazy with the splash of lemon. The linguine al pesto arrived, and my literal jaw dropped. The shrimp were plump and natural. The pasta was beautifully cooked. I would clean dishes everyday if it meant eating more of this pasta. This was the best pesto I have tried! This was a fantastic last meal in Atlanta for awhile. I will be at home missing everything about this dinner..

Poor Calvin’s presents asian fusion with southern influences. I was excited since I love both flavor profiles. Let’s get into it:

  • Poor Calvin’s provides a lovely ambiance with intimate lights and close knit seating. The service was outstanding and was undoubtedly my favorite part of the experience. The servers treat you like family and explain the specials and seasonal options thoroughly.
  • Time to talk food! I indulged in the lobster fried rice, lamb chops, and seafood hushpuppies. This was my best meal while in Atlanta. The seafood hushpuppies were so subtle yet good! They were hushpuppies filled with lumps of crab meat, grilled salmon, and sea bass cover with a creamy house sauce. Delicious! The lobster fried rice was HUGE. It was fried rice mixed with fresh veggies, lobster meat, and topped off with a fat lobster tail. The lobster was seasoned incredibly. I cried after tearing through that lobster tail..
  • Before I talk about the lamb chops, I need you to see the picture one more time. This dish was finger lickin’ good. The chops were extremely juicy and not overly fatty, and the flavors were sensational! They laid on a bed of creamy potatoes along side some tasty asparagus. After devouring this meal, I see why people dance after eating great food because I could not sit still..

Another Broken Egg Cafe puts a delicious twists on classic dishes. They aim to keep new favorites on the menu worthy of foodie blogs and Instagram pics. Let’s get into it:

  • Another Broken Egg Cafe has a menu that includes traditional brunch and seasonal brunch items. It presented so many mouth watering options! A few options to catch my eye were the cinnamon roll french toast, cajun shrimp & grits, and their seasonal sweet potato waffle.
  • I ordered the cajun shrimp & grits and sunrise spinach omelette w/ sausage. The omelette truly caught me by surprise with how fresh and sensational the flavors were. The omelette was huge, but I could not stop taking more and more bites! You would have thought I was fasting with how quick it was gone. The shrimp & grits made me smile more than knowing Tom Brady wasn’t going to be in the Super Bowl. The cajun seasoning made this dish everything! The creamy grits were amazing and melted right in your mouth. The shrimp and andouille sausage mixed in with the spices was perfect. I was so hungry and excited to dive in, but I quickly whipped my phone out to take these pics

Oz Pizza started in 1997 with the purpose of serving their community the finest ingredients and homemade pizza! Pizza makes any day better, so let’s get into it:

Veggie slice + Jalepenos
  • This mom and pop shop welcomed everyone so nicely. Their menu resembled a classic pizza shop including salads, calzones, and slices of all kinds! The slices were huge, so they immediately won bonus points. The prices were college-budget friendly too! I haven’t found too many pizza places in Atlanta, but Oz definitely remains on my lists to revisit.
  • Extra cheesy. Hella vegetables. Fresh crust. Need I say more?? The slices easily exceeded my expectations. The vegetables on their veggie slice were perfect. The crust played a great role keeping the tastes balanced and holding the slice together. The bites were juicy and left me with the Kool-aid man smile!

Velvet Taco likes to get funky with their tacos! They believe tacos don’t have to be associated with Tex-Mex. Let’s get into it:

Spicy Tikka Chicen + Chicken & Waffles
  • I was already curious of the several flavor combinations, and the worker encouraged me to go with my gut! I ordered the Spicy Tikka Chicken taco and Chicken & Waffles taco. If I felt like eating as much as Charles Barkley, I would’ve also ordered their falafel taco, flank steak taco, and shrimp & grits taco! They also carry margaritas, so they officially won me over.
  • The spicy tikka taco was absolutely delicious! The flavors were so consistent and rich. It felt like I was eating tikka masala from an Indian restaurant. The chicken and waffles taco was nuts! Not only a waffle as a taco, but a chicken strip laid there covered with bacon and maple syrup. If you guessed that I almost cried because I was so happy, then you were 100% correct. The tacos were good sizes, so I really was able to indulge with every bite. After finishing my tacos, I was so close from going back to the register and saying…

Ted’s Montana Grill was started by Ted Turner for families to sit together and experience classic a American dishes together. That’s what I did! Let’s get into it:

Cedar Plank Salmon
  • Teds Montana is located right by Centennial park in the middle of downtown Atlanta. A great view with great food is all you can ask for right?
  • Who doesn’t love a large menu with several items?? But seriously, they had tons of great sounding dishes like the Cedar plank salmon, bison short ribs, and salt & pepper onion rings! It’s not many things that I’m choosing over salmon, so that’s exactly what I ordered.
  • The salmon came out, and it was perfect. The broccoli had a pinch of garlic and parmesan. So fire! This salmon was SENSATIONAL to say the least