Sim & Huskey’s may confuse you with their name, but they are a fast fast casual, artisan pizza shop. They build community using locally sourced ingredients and local craft beers. It was hard for me to not want to try. Let’s get into it:

  • Slim and Huskey’s reminds of me a kid cooking with their parents. I have to explain, but their menu has funky names and flavor combinations that you wouldn’t expect. For example, they have a cinnamon roll with green apple sauce + jalapeño cream cheese on it. I’m sure it slaps, butttt I am also guessing that someones child mistakenly put this combo together and it worked! What you can find on their menu? Vegan pizza called ‘Nothing but a “V” thang’, and their pepperoni called ‘Roni, Rony, Rone!’, and their cinnamon roll ‘Halle Berry’. I had lots of fun choosing my dinner!
  • I ended up ordeirng the ‘Smokin Herb’ which has white sauce, cheese blend, spinach, onions, mushrooms, and chicken. The pizza was absolutely delicious. It’s hard to put my finger on just one thing that made it tasty. The sauce was packed with flavor which I appreciated. The onions, spinach, and mushrooms were very fresh as if they prepared them just for my pizza. The chicken was seasoned and spot on which I feel is unlike a lot of chicken pizzas. Also, the ‘Roni, Rony, Rone!’ had classic red sauce and three types of pepperoni with a little bit of spice! This felt like a true pepperoni pizza. With every bite, I was able to get smokey and tender goodness. I don’t know if it was a new pizza experience or a close taste of heaven. Next time someone mentions getting pizza and does not mention Slim & Huskey’s, I will have to interrupt..

The Busy Bee Cafe has been around since 1947 sitting in the heart of Atlanta, GA. They have been around through lots of protests, injustices, and traumatic nationwide events. The black community has supported them all the way through the years. It is ESSENTIAL that people (not just black people) support black owned businesses right now. After eating at Busy Bee’s and crushing their fried chicken, I will defend them till the end of time. As a black man in America, I can not just walk around without worry or anxiety. I encourage all people to stand for something, before you fall for anything. Go protest, donate to a black organization, and eat at local black owned restaurants. We must continue to fight for Ahmaud Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. If we let up now, this will just be a moment . If we continue to fight until we receive justice and equality, this will be a movement. Let’s get into the food now:

  • The Busy Bee Cafe is one of many black owned soul food restaurants, but they have continued to be my favorite! I ordered the fried chicken, baked chicken, sweet potatoes, mac & cheese, cabbage, and greens. When I say this is the best fried chicken in Georgia, I am not lying. They must have the secret recipe, because I ate the whole half chicken before even touching my sides. So damn good. The baked chicken was juicy and tender! You can’t beat that combo when it comes to baked chicken. The sweet potatoes and greens swept me off my feet. The mac & cheese of course went crazy. They packed so much flavor into the cabbage, it almost felt like Christmas! I will continue to put my money into black owned businesses, so I just have to figure out which is next

Kelz Kitchen is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta. They bring Atlanta their authentic Coastal Carolina Cuisine. From what I’ve heard, you can’t find anything like this in the city! Let’s get into it:

  • Kelz Kitchen makes sure that you walk out of their carry out with enough food to last you at least two days! The bigger the portions, the quicker you win my heart. The menu features lots of delicious sounding options such as salmon alfredo, crab stuffed salmon, lamb chops, and chicken wings! Their sides included mac & cheese, fried okra, sweet potatoes, and more. And they’re open late, so you can take you and your home girls to eat after the club. LOL
  • The food was immaculate. To start with the salmon alfredo, the sauce was packed with flavor! They salmon was season by someone’s uncle, and they put a lemon on top for that extra zing. I also bodied their baked chicken and collard greens and mac & cheese. I thought I was pretty good at baking chicken, but their chicken was extremely juicy and tasty. The sides did not back down either. The greens and sweet potatoes were so fresh. Not much beats fresh sweet potatoes for me! That mac & cheese needed to win an award, because I was amazed after every bite. Like.. this can’t be that good? But it was! I can try to explain all of these different tastes more, but I’d look like..

Plant Based Pizzeria is Atlanta’s first all vegan pizza joint, and they are black owned! I was craving pizza and felt like going vegan for the day. Let’s get into it:

  • I walked in and knew I wanted pizza, butttt their menu has lots of good sounding options such as vegan meat lovers pizza, Georgia peach flatbread, and a spicy chicken sandwich. I wanted to get creative, so I decided on ordering their Philly pizza with beyond sausage, red onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers. I had to freak it, so I added jalepños onto that. My second option was for sure to try their Georgia peach flatbread that includes spicy beyond sausage, roasted peaches, red onions, and jalepños. I didn’t know what I signed up for, but I was excited!
  • First bite into the pizza, you would have thought I found gold. Not to sound cheesy, but I was cheesing the rest of the way as I bodied the whole pizza. The beyond sausage was seasoned and really reminded me of your Uncle Tony’s Italian sausage. The vegetables could not have been fresher! Even though most vegan cheese does not melt, Plant Based Pizzeria was able to find a solution to that. The cheese was holding everything together which made for a perfect bite. When I realized I had I no more slices in the box…

Virgil’s Gullah Kitchen & Bar carries on the heritage of the Gullah Geechee people with their cuisine and crafts. Virgil’s was created to provide amazing service, an abundance of love, and great grub of course! Let’s get into it:

  • At typical soul food spots, you will find fried fish, mac & cheese, and greens. But at Virgil’s you’re also going to find menu items like the watermelon & cucumber salad, salmon n’ rice, and fried pork chop & eggs. That’s right. You can get a perfectly battered fried porkchop with your eggs for brunch. That sounds better than hearing that Georgia will reopen businesses while coronavirus is still active..BUT that’s for another day. I could eat everything on this menu even the vegan options!
  • I tried several things! Even though it was a ton of fried food, I had a BLAST chowing down. The fried porkchop was better than taking your bra off after a long day. It didn’t make sense how they fried the chop so perfectly. The fish was huge but light. It was a classic item that satisfied me. The Jam up wingz were fire! They were half fried and half baked and drizzled with their special sauce. I could eat those once a day like they were a vitamin. The sides were so good. I have had TONS of mac & cheese over the years, but they won my heart with this. It was heavenly. From the cheese to the macaroni itself, I loved every bite. The fried cabbage and corn were new for me, but I will happily have them again. The corn was smothered with peppers, onions, and seasoning. Couldn’t get enough of it. When I thought the main dishes were stealing the show, the sides showed up to join the celebration like..

Hattie Marie’s BBQ is a staple for barbecue in Atlanta! They intend to provide the great flavor and essence SouthEast Texas cooking to Georgia. If there’s one thing we love in the south, it is food. Let’s get into it:

  • Hattie Marie’s BBQ continues to work diligently during this pandemic, as they even provided customers with a discount code to order online. What does the menu look like? Great question! You can find gumbo, fried shrimp and catfish, and all of your barbecue favorites. You won’t need to order an abundance, because their portions are enough to feed a tiger. (Shout out Tiger King)
  • Every bite I had was freaking amazing! The brisket was extremely juicy and not too fatty. The smoked wings were stunning. I also dropped to one knee and proposed. The sides did not disappoint one bit. The cabbage was surprising to me. It was so flavorful and fresh. Not to sounds cheesy, but the mac & cheese was cheesy goodness! The barbecue sauce should not have been that good. It was smokey and rich with flavor! I prefer this over memphis barbecue sauce everyday.. YEAH I SAID IT. I dipped my wings in the sauce and after my first bite, I looked at my mom like “why is this our first time trying this?”…

New Orleans Daiquiri and Bar is a exactly what you think it is! A trendy restaurant that has brought New Orleans cousine to Atlanta. I am social distancing, so I ordered the food to my home 😦 I much rather be there drinking daiquris! Let’s get into it:

  • This would serve no purpose if I didn’t rave about the menu right? Even if you just ate, you will be hungry after reading about their menu and smelling what’s cooking. They serve a variety of great dishes such as their big easy alfredo pasta, overstuffed po-boys, and even FRIED GATOR. Yepp! you read that right, and I have heard it is sensational.
  • I went straight for the carbs and ordered the big easy alfredo pasta! This came packed with smoked sausage, grilled chicken, and shrimp all topped with a cajun alfredo. This was pasta heaven for me, and I love noods. The creamy sauce was perfectly mixed in with the penne. If you really love carbs, please believe that their garlic bread is amazing. This bread was soft and garlicky! I was content and stuff while social distancing at home.

Redrocks is an award winning wood oven Napoleon bistro known for their pizzas. Buttttttt I went for brunch, because we brunch on Sundays. Let’s get into it:

  • Despite Redrocks being known for their pizzas, they put together some great sounding brunch dishes and of the best bottomless mimosas you can find. Their menu contains nice options such as a sunrise pizza, brandy-spiked french toast, and seafarer’s seafood scramble! To get drunk off blood orange mimosas, I also love the option to get brandy-spiked french toast. Just have me drunk the whole day I guess.
  • I ate the seafarer scramble and garlic knots. These garlic knots will make you question if you’re actually Italian. They were $6 and I could given them my whole $20. The seafarer scramble was extremely tasty due to the garlic shrimp mixed in the scramble. Their choice of seasoning it with red peppers, parmesan, and basil was perfect. Believe it or not, I put my drink down to actually enjoy all of these flavors. By the end of this bottomless brunch, I was stuffed, happy, and doing strange drunk things like this..

Rosa Mexicano is known for how well they bring you an upscale dining experience while also honoring the Mexican heritage. Seems like a great combo! Let’s get into it:

  • Rosa Mexicano is what you call gorgeous. As you walk inside, you will notice the high ceilings and elaborate lighting. They truly embody an upscale restaurant and serve of the best Mexican cuisine in the land. Their menu is exquisite to say the least. You will find empanadas filled with crab and shrimp, enchiladas filled with crab meat topped with a roasted tomato sauce, and grilled octopus.
  • Did I like what I had? Nah. I loved it. The guacamole was not able to get flicked up, because I chowed it down too quick. Easily the best guac I have eaten! The empanadas were heavenly texture wise. The crab and shrimp was fire! The enchiladas were to die for. The plump crab meat mixed in the roasted tomato sauce was delicious. The meal won my heart, and I am devastated that it is over..

TNR Cafe serves up the finest Chinese food in Arlington, VA. There is not many places known for their locally sourced food, customer service, and unique ambiance like TNR Cafe! Let’s get into it:

  • TNR Cafe wants you to be as satisfied as possible with their food! The aromas that fills up the restaurant is extremely pleasant. This must come from a result of how fresh and organic their food is. Their menu caters to everyone, which I love. Besides the typical Kung Pao chicken, you will see other eye catches such as full fish in Szechuan spiced broth, Kung Pao tofu, and crispy shredded beef! If you told me to just pick one, I would have to happily decline. They were all bomb!
  • I could rant all day about how amazing these flavors were on each dish. The walnut shrimp was ridiculously tasty. The shrimp were plump, and the walnuts added the perfect touch. The shredded beef was immersed in flavor, so I was obsessed with taking bites. The fish in Szechuan broth was spicyyy yet the fish was juicy and packed with flavor. To ensure I wouldn’t have a food baby after this fantastic meal, I had to dance it off..