Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks brought cheesesteaks to Atlanta and began winning awards for them! I found myself drooling over their Instagram and went to try them. Let’s get into it:

  • Salmon Egg Roll: I did not put any expectations on the egg roll when I ordered it, because it was just a side that caught my eye. HOWEVER, I wish I ordered 5 more of these! They were incredible and packed with tons of flavor. The salmon was packed all throughout the egg roll. It comes with a sweet Thai chili dipping sauce that slaps! If someone said they would give me this egg roll every time ‘The Rock’ slapped me, I would let him slap me everyday..
  • The cheesesteak: I folded and did not order my cheesesteak “Dave’s Way” which comes loaded with a ton of veggies and sauce. With that being said, this was by far the best chicken cheesesteak I have had! The chicken was seasoned and sent from heaven! The cheese was holding everything together. I was so happy after this meal and dealt with the itis. This is me trying to explain to someone from Philly that they are not the only ones with good cheesesteaks..

Joella’s Hot Chicken is dedicated to only using natural ingredients and making their hot chicken from scratch. They aren’t aiming just to make you a meal, they’re aiming to make your whole day. Let’s get into it:

  • I have been to a few hot chicken places that I have really enjoyed, but Joella’s was unique in their own sense by having a drive-thru and a variation of typical menu items! The drive-thru was a blessing, because I went with limited time before an event. CLUTCH. Obviously their menu contains hot chicken; however, you will also find chicken & waffles, parm garlic fries, and vegan chicken! It was hard to make a choice of what to order, I had to tell the other cars to stop honking.
  • After deciding to order the hot tenders with parm garlic fries and mac & cheese. I now realized that there is probably not one menu item that I would devour. Everything was heavenly. The chicken was so juicy and packed with flavor. They did something special with the mac & cheese though! It had 4 different cheeses, bread crumbs, and fresh herbs. The parm garlic fries were very tasty as well. The seasoning was nicely shared. If I’m close to Joella’s, I will not entertain any other chicken recommendations.

To close out 2019, I decided to go out and try different fast food items that have just appeared! They are becoming more innovative and very fascinating. So, let’s get into it:

  • Chick-Fil-A introduced mac & cheese and after eating it, I’m like yes please. It was FIRE. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not better than your grandma’s mac & cheese. This beats out every other fast food place I can think of though! Go get dat!
Nashville Chicken & Waffles sandwich
  • KFC has played around with many combinations to give us their 11 herbs and spices, and this was surely was interesting. Would I order this again? Yes. Why? This waffle really set this apart. The waffle was very fluffy and extremely tasty with the maple syrup already on it. The chicken was nothing crazy, but the waffle definitely elevated this production! I was happy.
Zaxby’s Chicken & Waffles sandwich
  • Zaxby’s gave us their own version of the chicken & waffle sandwich. This sandwich also included bacon! This sandwich slapped due to Zaxby’s chicken. The chicken was like Kobe Bryant on the lakers. It was just so noticeably flavorful! The waffle was solid but not that fluffy. It was a good chicken holder if that makes sense. The bacon did not do much for the sandwich, but I was content overall. BEST BELIEVE THAT.
BBQ Bacon Burger
  • McDonald’s, as always, introduced another new sandwich this season. This BBQ Bacon burger included beef, cheese, fried onions, bacon, and barbecue sauce. I did not set many expectations for this except for “I hope this is edible”. It was edible!! However, I was a 4 out 10 on its worst day and a 6 out of 10 on its best day. Very mediocre in my opinion and recommend ordering something else if you find yourself hungry at McDonald’s.

King Crab ATL is a hot new seafood spot that has grown especially popular with their special sauce. I was stoked to try it! Let’s get into it:

  • Before we get into the sauce and seasoning, I fell in love with plumpness of the shrimp and freshness of the crab legs! Theportions were fantastic since they also threw in roasted potatoes and corn on the cob. Call me fat, but I was working my way through finishing all of it! I was peeling shrimp, nibbling on corn, and cracking crabs. It was definitely some great bonding with my friends. I felt like like I was competing in a sport trying to get all of the crab meat out.
  • The special sauce was heaven sent but could also send you to heaven if you eat this everyday LOL. It was a butter base infused with other seasonings. It elevated every bite I had. I dipped everything into this sauce, even the corn. This was the definition of finger lickin’ good! Even though I left full as hell, I still woke up the next day wanting more..

Flip ‘N Toss brings a twist to your dining experience thanks to the great chef, David Thual. It is an extravagant burger joint that is the perfect escape for your cheat day. Let’s get into it:

  • My Expectations
    • I have seen this place on Instagram, and I thought it looked insane. However, I needed to try it for myself. I did not believe mac and cheese filled that much of the plate. I always wondered if the burger was even good. I generally thought such a place was hyped up due to social media. I assumed that this place probably was not that tasty, and they only served ridiculous menu items.
  • Reality
    • I made it to the front of the line and ordered the big mac & cheeseburger along with spicy guac fries. The burger came out and looked exactly like the picture.. CHEESE OVERLOAD. My jaw dropped immediately. The spicy guac fries definitely caught my attention as well due to the combination of fresh guac, jalepenos, salsa, and french fries! They were to die for (with the amount of food they give, you possibly could die. Beware). The big mac & cheeseburger blew my mind away. The macaroni was actually so good. You kind have to eat your way through the mac to get to the burger, so it is a true challenge. After I finally made it to the burger, I found that the burger was so juicy! Every bite was satisfying. Even though I was so **** full, I could not stop taking bites. Even though everything was amazing, I discovered this burger had TWO PATTIES. I COULD NOT GET THROUGH POUNDS OF MAC & CHEESE AND EAT A 2 POUND DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER. IS FLIP ‘N TOSS TRYING TO KILL PEOPLE? IF SO, SIGN ME UP AGAIN.

El Rey is located in Washington, D.C. on U street and known as the bar with nachos and tequila. This combonation is vicious! Let’s get into it:

  • Nachos
    • The nachos from El Rey just hit differently. They seem basic, because they consists of just chips, cheese, jalapeños, and a protein. However, the steak is so juicy. The cheese is pour all throughout the chips, so every bite slaps. The steak + chip combo is so good that I will seek out a piece of steak for every chip I grab. I love a little spice, and the jalapeño adds that plus flavor. Must cop if you ever end up at El Rey.
  • Tequila
    • Tequila + Nachos just go together. El Rey’s margaritas are the perfect compliment to their banging nachos. Their pitcher of margarita is their most popular thing. And….. I see why. they are delicious and strong. This bar is always on my list to hit if I am going to U street. I must go see the best duo in D.C…

B.Good is known for their natural and clean ingredients. They support seasonal cooking and flavors! Let’s get into it:

  • B. Good offers a wide variety of options. Smoothies, sandwiches , and bowls take up most of the menu. The guacamole burger, sriracha chicken, and turkey medley all sounded delicious!
  • The guacamole burger was so darn good. It was extremely fresh and got better with every bite. The sweet potato fries were crisp. Even though the size of the burger was not that big, I didn’t leave still hungry! That’s always a plus. After I finished my food, I went home to reminisce about how much I want to go back..

As a young person on a budget, I can’t help but notice these fast food chains releasing new products! I picked a few that I heard a lot of buzz about from Burger King and Pizza Hut. Let’s get into it:

  • Let’s start with Pizza Hut. I ordered their stuffed Cheez-It pizza for $7. It tasted just as weird and mind-boggling as it sounds. It was very cheesy in the middle and reminded me of a mozzarella stick which isn’t bad. However… this Cheez-it crust starts playing with your taste buds. It was like someone giving me a Cheez-it and then it explodes with cheese. The marinara sauce helped and took away from the Cheez-it crust. Overall: 5/10
  • Burger King introduced their cheesy tots this year. Who doesn’t like tater tots? Then you add cheese? I am excited. Too bad Burger King unperformed. These were the most regular tots I have tasted LOL. They were a breaded tater tot with cheese in the middle, BUT I did not even taste the cheese (I guess that’s a good thing). It lacked flavor and was more bland than my grandfather’s crackers. Atleast they were only $1. Overall: Issa no from me dawg.
  • Lastly, Burger King introduced the “Impossible” whopper this year. I was excited to see how fast food will treat this vegan burger. My expectation was that it would be edible but bland. I was skeptical of how serious Burger King would take this. In reality, they SNAPPED. I have had a beef whopper before, and this was right in line with that. The flavors were pleasantly coming through! It was a big burger, so that made me happy that they did not skimp us. I most definitely would order this if I found myself in a Burger King line again. Overall: Torch!

ProteinHouse says eating healthy is the first step toward an all around better life. They provide fresh, healthy, and quality foods to make you feel good! Let’s get into it:

Cajun BBQ Chicken Rice Bowl
  • Have you just worked out and want tasty meal that will also benefit your body?
    • ProteinHouse has so many options that I love. They are creative, healthy, and appetizing. Froyo pancakes, Cajun BBQ chicken rice bowl, Salmon burger, and PB&J shake are a few of my favorites from this extravagant menu!
  • What if I don’t work out?
    • That is okay. You can always get the satisfaction of working out from watching Instagram videos LOL. I’d like to point out that ProteinHouse does a great job with their seasoning! The cajun bbq chicken bowl was packed with flavor from the bbq sauce, seasoned chicken, and fresh onions and peppers. This was my go-to! Also, The salmon burger with the avocado and agave mustard was spectacularrr.
  • I’m vegan/gluten free! Do they have stuff for me?
    • ProteinHouse caters to all diets which I love. For the vegans, the vegan pancakes, acai bowls, and vegan burger are all fire options. You can get gluten free buns and wraps also!
  • Do you want to go to Protein House for the third day in a row?
    • Me:

BKK Cookshop is not your typical Thai noodle house. The creative cocktails, asian beers, and street-food-inspired appetizers made this a top Thai restaurant for me. Let’s get into it:

  • Bkk Cookshop is small, however they have turned their restaurant into an intimate and decorative space! I loved how this place felt and looked authentic. It was not one of those gentrified Thai places where you walk in and nobody there looks like they anything about Thai cuisine LOL.
  • The menu presented tons of nice options such as happy hour $3 appetizers, delicious cocktails, and vegan & gluten free alternatives! I am a fried rice enthusiast, so I bodied their spicy basil rice with chicken. I also ordered Thai gyoza, and these lasted on the table maybe 34 seconds before being devoured.
  • The flavors… were amazing! Fried rice is typically a dish that you will know how it will taste. This spicy basil rice gave me flavors I never knew I needed. The chili peppers, fresh basil, and marinated chicken made for a great combination! The gyoza were perfectly battered and paired impeccably with the soy ginger sauce. Everything was so tasty. This is my favorite Thai spot right now, and I WILL DEFEND IT..