Mr. Everything Cafe began as a place to introduce healthy eating to great taste. With a name like Mr. Everything, you already won my vote. Let’s get into it:

  • Mr. Everything does not have everything, but they do indeed make yellow rice bowls, halal lamb gyro’s, cheesesteaks, burgers, and salads. That is all you need! It wouldn’t be fun if I was decisive, but I ended up ordering the yellow rice bowl with chicken. Best believe that I wanted to sample everything though!
  • The bowl was prepared with grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, and topped with three cheeses. I SEE WHY THEY CALL IT MR. EVERYTHING NOW. This bowl was insane…and insanely delicious. Everything worked together so well. My tastes buds were pleased 100%. Fresh vegetables and quality chicken really makes for a perfect combo. After falling in love with every concept with this bowl, I had figured out what they mean by Mr. Everything..

Fishscale is a black owned restaurant in Washington D.C. They believe that if we have to eat, let the food taste good and be good for our health and environment! Let’s get into it:

  • Fishscale is known for purchasing fresh fish daily and turning them into quarter pound burgers! Their toppings and condiments are made from organic produce and ingredients. Their menu relies on what fish are being served that day. I knew what a crab cake was, but I scratched my head when I read rockfish and amberjack being served. Of course I ordered the rockfish sandwich since I had no clue what it was!
  • I ordered this rockfish topped with spicy sambal and grilled onions. When I tell you this sandwich was cooked perfectly, I ain’t lying! After every bite, it made me question why I had not stopped into Fishscale sooner. I love fish, sandwiches, and black owned. The crab cake sandwich with the yogurt coleslaw was amazing as well. The lumps of crab meat crafted into a burger was extremely tasty and fresh. After I crushed my sandwich in 35 seconds, I had to dance in excitement..

Z-burger is considered a Washington D.C. landmark, and their sirloin burgers and hand spun milkshakes keep people happy! Let’s get into it:

  • You arrive. You walk in. It seems like your typical burger joint. You see hand-crafted burgers, chicken sandwiches, and shakes. Then, you realize they have over 60 flavors of milkshakes and philly cheesesteaks! Their menu is a burger joint on steroids.
  • Of course I had to try some of everything that I could get my hands onto. The part that made me happiest was finding out they use natural ingredients. It is easy to not care about quality, but quality is the most important part to Z-burger!
  • Since I don’t want to elaborate about every item I ate, I’ll talk about my favorites. I nearly hugged the chef after eating their spicy chicken sandwich with special Z-sauce! Their fries and onion rings were undefeated. The cheesesteak easily stole my heart, because I did not expect a burger joint to have such a tasty sandwich outside of a burger. Speaking of burgers, it was extremely juicy and for sure the player of the game. Had to sneak and pay for a chocolate shake like..

Roaming Rooster was founded in 2015 with the idea of selling chicken that made you feel good. Social media said this chicken sandwich tops Popeyes infamous sandwich. Let’s get into it:

  • I have seen Roaming Rooster all across Instagram after the Popeye chicken sandwich exploded. Roaming Rooster put together a variety of chicken sandwiches. Their menu includes Nashville Hot chicken sandwich, chicken tenders, and their famous honey butter fried chicken sandwich!
  • Boy oh boy. Was it good?? Nah… It was great! I had the Nashville hot chicken sandwich and added honey butter onto that. It was mind blowing how tasty this was. The sandwich was extremely juicy and flavorful. It was 2 chicken breasts, so it was plentiful to eat. Every aspect of the sandwich worked together to create this excellence. Have you ever been craving something and finally get it and say “that hit the spot”? THIS SANDWICH will hit the spot if you like chicken. Sorry, but the truth hurts. Go get you a sandwich dammit!

Bushwick Taco Company is a taco joint in Brooklyn, NY. It is not that big, they are very busy. I was excited to try it! Let’s get into it:

  • Expectations
    • I was starving in Brooklyn, and it was snowing. I just wanted some quick food before the snow got worse. Carne asada was on my mind, but I was hesitant with the order. What if it was not authentic? What if the guacamole wasn’t not fresh?
  • Reality
    • The bowl came with layers! Rice covered with black beans and lettuce topped with pico de gallo, carne asada, and guacamole. This bowl was absolutely delicious! The carne asada was out of this world with flavor. With every bite, the guacamole slapped me in the face letting me know that it was yummy as well. Don’t invite me out for Mexican food if it won’t come close to Bushwick Taco Company..

Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks brought cheesesteaks to Atlanta and began winning awards for them! I found myself drooling over their Instagram and went to try them. Let’s get into it:

  • Salmon Egg Roll: I did not put any expectations on the egg roll when I ordered it, because it was just a side that caught my eye. HOWEVER, I wish I ordered 5 more of these! They were incredible and packed with tons of flavor. The salmon was packed all throughout the egg roll. It comes with a sweet Thai chili dipping sauce that slaps! If someone said they would give me this egg roll every time ‘The Rock’ slapped me, I would let him slap me everyday..
  • The cheesesteak: I folded and did not order my cheesesteak “Dave’s Way” which comes loaded with a ton of veggies and sauce. With that being said, this was by far the best chicken cheesesteak I have had! The chicken was seasoned and sent from heaven! The cheese was holding everything together. I was so happy after this meal and dealt with the itis. This is me trying to explain to someone from Philly that they are not the only ones with good cheesesteaks..

Joella’s Hot Chicken is dedicated to only using natural ingredients and making their hot chicken from scratch. They aren’t aiming just to make you a meal, they’re aiming to make your whole day. Let’s get into it:

  • I have been to a few hot chicken places that I have really enjoyed, but Joella’s was unique in their own sense by having a drive-thru and a variation of typical menu items! The drive-thru was a blessing, because I went with limited time before an event. CLUTCH. Obviously their menu contains hot chicken; however, you will also find chicken & waffles, parm garlic fries, and vegan chicken! It was hard to make a choice of what to order, I had to tell the other cars to stop honking.
  • After deciding to order the hot tenders with parm garlic fries and mac & cheese. I now realized that there is probably not one menu item that I would devour. Everything was heavenly. The chicken was so juicy and packed with flavor. They did something special with the mac & cheese though! It had 4 different cheeses, bread crumbs, and fresh herbs. The parm garlic fries were very tasty as well. The seasoning was nicely shared. If I’m close to Joella’s, I will not entertain any other chicken recommendations.

To close out 2019, I decided to go out and try different fast food items that have just appeared! They are becoming more innovative and very fascinating. So, let’s get into it:

  • Chick-Fil-A introduced mac & cheese and after eating it, I’m like yes please. It was FIRE. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not better than your grandma’s mac & cheese. This beats out every other fast food place I can think of though! Go get dat!
Nashville Chicken & Waffles sandwich
  • KFC has played around with many combinations to give us their 11 herbs and spices, and this was surely was interesting. Would I order this again? Yes. Why? This waffle really set this apart. The waffle was very fluffy and extremely tasty with the maple syrup already on it. The chicken was nothing crazy, but the waffle definitely elevated this production! I was happy.
Zaxby’s Chicken & Waffles sandwich
  • Zaxby’s gave us their own version of the chicken & waffle sandwich. This sandwich also included bacon! This sandwich slapped due to Zaxby’s chicken. The chicken was like Kobe Bryant on the lakers. It was just so noticeably flavorful! The waffle was solid but not that fluffy. It was a good chicken holder if that makes sense. The bacon did not do much for the sandwich, but I was content overall. BEST BELIEVE THAT.
BBQ Bacon Burger
  • McDonald’s, as always, introduced another new sandwich this season. This BBQ Bacon burger included beef, cheese, fried onions, bacon, and barbecue sauce. I did not set many expectations for this except for “I hope this is edible”. It was edible!! However, I was a 4 out 10 on its worst day and a 6 out of 10 on its best day. Very mediocre in my opinion and recommend ordering something else if you find yourself hungry at McDonald’s.

King Crab ATL is a hot new seafood spot that has grown especially popular with their special sauce. I was stoked to try it! Let’s get into it:

  • Before we get into the sauce and seasoning, I fell in love with plumpness of the shrimp and freshness of the crab legs! Theportions were fantastic since they also threw in roasted potatoes and corn on the cob. Call me fat, but I was working my way through finishing all of it! I was peeling shrimp, nibbling on corn, and cracking crabs. It was definitely some great bonding with my friends. I felt like like I was competing in a sport trying to get all of the crab meat out.
  • The special sauce was heaven sent but could also send you to heaven if you eat this everyday LOL. It was a butter base infused with other seasonings. It elevated every bite I had. I dipped everything into this sauce, even the corn. This was the definition of finger lickin’ good! Even though I left full as hell, I still woke up the next day wanting more..

Flip ‘N Toss brings a twist to your dining experience thanks to the great chef, David Thual. It is an extravagant burger joint that is the perfect escape for your cheat day. Let’s get into it:

  • My Expectations
    • I have seen this place on Instagram, and I thought it looked insane. However, I needed to try it for myself. I did not believe mac and cheese filled that much of the plate. I always wondered if the burger was even good. I generally thought such a place was hyped up due to social media. I assumed that this place probably was not that tasty, and they only served ridiculous menu items.
  • Reality
    • I made it to the front of the line and ordered the big mac & cheeseburger along with spicy guac fries. The burger came out and looked exactly like the picture.. CHEESE OVERLOAD. My jaw dropped immediately. The spicy guac fries definitely caught my attention as well due to the combination of fresh guac, jalepenos, salsa, and french fries! They were to die for (with the amount of food they give, you possibly could die. Beware). The big mac & cheeseburger blew my mind away. The macaroni was actually so good. You kind have to eat your way through the mac to get to the burger, so it is a true challenge. After I finally made it to the burger, I found that the burger was so juicy! Every bite was satisfying. Even though I was so **** full, I could not stop taking bites. Even though everything was amazing, I discovered this burger had TWO PATTIES. I COULD NOT GET THROUGH POUNDS OF MAC & CHEESE AND EAT A 2 POUND DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER. IS FLIP ‘N TOSS TRYING TO KILL PEOPLE? IF SO, SIGN ME UP AGAIN.