Quarantine Questions!

Though the world is in a crisis, I hope you all are safe and taking precautions! Besides watching Netflix, please feel free to send me activity suggestions. As I am social distancing and staying inside, I figured I would answer a few of the popular questions I have received:

  • Why did I start this?
    • Since I am a student in college, I was given a marketing project to start a blog and work on growing it over the semester. So, I took the idea and ran with it! I decided to talk about food, because I am always eating and following food pages on Instagram. Turns out… I really enjoy engaging with people over food!
  • What’s my favorite thing about blogging?
    • My favorite thing is expressing myself creatively through this blog. I want to talk about food from a millennial perspective and make reviews fun to read. I hate reading stiff or bland blogs, so I allow myself to write freely.
  • What is my favorite fast food place?
    • For those who know me over the years know that I out loud love Panda Express! Chick-Fil-A is a close second for sure. I get it. You may not like it or have comments on it, but please believe I have comments for whatever your favorite fast food as well.
  • How do I decide at which restaurants to cover?
    • I made a list when I moved to D.C. and have used that as reference. However, I use Instagram to see what people are eating. I always listen to suggestions and find where they fit into my content!
  • How do I afford this on a college budget?
    • I have a simple philosophy with that. I love to shop whether it is for shoes, clothes, or technology. I cut back on my shopping on those items and used the money that I would have to treat myself to food every weekend. Pretty much sacrificing those material items to spend my pocket money on experiences.
  • STAY SAFE!!!

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