Call Your Mother!

Call Your Mother Deli defies what a typical deli is. They are here serving great Jewish foods with a twist! Let’s get into it:

  • Off the rip, you can notice the fun environment inside with their bright colors, funky seats, and decorative menus. The place is also perfect for a nice day with their outdoor patio. On their menu, you’ll find creative bagel sandwiches like a bacon, egg, & cheese with a spicy honey drizzle. Or you can get the “Kyle B” which is graham cracker cream cheese and honey nut Cheerios on a chocolate bagel! OR a pizza bagel. They’ll really have you in there for breakfast in lunch with these options!
  • I haven’t had a BEC (bacon, egg, & cheese) in a long time, so I felt like it was necessary to indulge today. The bagel came out, and you bet your ass that I wanted to call my mother! This bagel was ah-maze-ing for real. The bagel was slightly crispy, the bacon had a nice crunch, and the cheese was holding this beauty together. The spicy honey drizzle took this from a 10/10 to at least a 13/10. After I finished this bagel, I really had to be stopped from calling my mother..

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