Milk and Honey. Great Combo!

Milk & Honey cafe is the perfect fit for brunch with friends or family gatherings. The place was filled with love and passion. Let’s get into it:

  • The menu includes a wide variety of mouth watering dishes. They have put you know that feeling when you are hungry and everything on the menu is calling your name?Items such as lobster, egg, and cheese croissant, fried crab legs and waffles, or hot honey chicken biscuit. Woww. Now i’m hungry again!
  • I ordered the Blackened salmon & grits and smothered chicken & biscuits. The salmon was magnificent. The grits were creamy and mixed with a cajun sauce. Absolutely fire. I couldn’t put my fork down! The smothered chicken was cooked perfectly and laid on top of jumbo biscuits. Eggs scrambled with cheese topped with their cajun sauce. It went together better than ketchup and mustard. I fell in love with with every dish I ate. I try to be happy at other brunch places but deep down I look like this..

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