Storico wins Fasho!

Storico Fresca has created a true Italian experience in Atlanta. They locally source their ingredients and also have a grocery store intertwined. Let’s get into it:

  • The ambiance of Storico Fresca is one of a kind. To find this place is a fun challenge, because it is a basement surrounded by other stores. After walking in, you immediately sense the vibe of authentic Italian food. Fresh pasta being rolled out, sauce being made, and wine poured in several glasses. The lighting is dim, but it serves as a nice intimate setting to devour pasta.
  • My food came out, and I was ecstatic after ordering Linguine al Pesto and Fritto misto di Mara. The Fritto misto was an appetizer made up of fried calamari, shrimp, and branzino. They were all fried perfectly and went crazy with the splash of lemon. The linguine al pesto arrived, and my literal jaw dropped. The shrimp were plump and natural. The pasta was beautifully cooked. I would clean dishes everyday if it meant eating more of this pasta. This was the best pesto I have tried! This was a fantastic last meal in Atlanta for awhile. I will be at home missing everything about this dinner..

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