Big Daves Cheesesteaks!

Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks brought cheesesteaks to Atlanta and began winning awards for them! I found myself drooling over their Instagram and went to try them. Let’s get into it:

  • Salmon Egg Roll: I did not put any expectations on the egg roll when I ordered it, because it was just a side that caught my eye. HOWEVER, I wish I ordered 5 more of these! They were incredible and packed with tons of flavor. The salmon was packed all throughout the egg roll. It comes with a sweet Thai chili dipping sauce that slaps! If someone said they would give me this egg roll every time ‘The Rock’ slapped me, I would let him slap me everyday..
  • The cheesesteak: I folded and did not order my cheesesteak “Dave’s Way” which comes loaded with a ton of veggies and sauce. With that being said, this was by far the best chicken cheesesteak I have had! The chicken was seasoned and sent from heaven! The cheese was holding everything together. I was so happy after this meal and dealt with the itis. This is me trying to explain to someone from Philly that they are not the only ones with good cheesesteaks..

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