Another Broken Egg Cafe. Another One

Another Broken Egg Cafe puts a delicious twists on classic dishes. They aim to keep new favorites on the menu worthy of foodie blogs and Instagram pics. Let’s get into it:

  • Another Broken Egg Cafe has a menu that includes traditional brunch and seasonal brunch items. It presented so many mouth watering options! A few options to catch my eye were the cinnamon roll french toast, cajun shrimp & grits, and their seasonal sweet potato waffle.
  • I ordered the cajun shrimp & grits and sunrise spinach omelette w/ sausage. The omelette truly caught me by surprise with how fresh and sensational the flavors were. The omelette was huge, but I could not stop taking more and more bites! You would have thought I was fasting with how quick it was gone. The shrimp & grits made me smile more than knowing Tom Brady wasn’t going to be in the Super Bowl. The cajun seasoning made this dish everything! The creamy grits were amazing and melted right in your mouth. The shrimp and andouille sausage mixed in with the spices was perfect. I was so hungry and excited to dive in, but I quickly whipped my phone out to take these pics

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