Joellas is Jumping!

Joella’s Hot Chicken is dedicated to only using natural ingredients and making their hot chicken from scratch. They aren’t aiming just to make you a meal, they’re aiming to make your whole day. Let’s get into it:

  • I have been to a few hot chicken places that I have really enjoyed, but Joella’s was unique in their own sense by having a drive-thru and a variation of typical menu items! The drive-thru was a blessing, because I went with limited time before an event. CLUTCH. Obviously their menu contains hot chicken; however, you will also find chicken & waffles, parm garlic fries, and vegan chicken! It was hard to make a choice of what to order, I had to tell the other cars to stop honking.
  • After deciding to order the hot tenders with parm garlic fries and mac & cheese. I now realized that there is probably not one menu item that I would devour. Everything was heavenly. The chicken was so juicy and packed with flavor. They did something special with the mac & cheese though! It had 4 different cheeses, bread crumbs, and fresh herbs. The parm garlic fries were very tasty as well. The seasoning was nicely shared. If I’m close to Joella’s, I will not entertain any other chicken recommendations.

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