Fast Food Trends! Love to see it

To close out 2019, I decided to go out and try different fast food items that have just appeared! They are becoming more innovative and very fascinating. So, let’s get into it:

  • Chick-Fil-A introduced mac & cheese and after eating it, I’m like yes please. It was FIRE. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not better than your grandma’s mac & cheese. This beats out every other fast food place I can think of though! Go get dat!
Nashville Chicken & Waffles sandwich
  • KFC has played around with many combinations to give us their 11 herbs and spices, and this was surely was interesting. Would I order this again? Yes. Why? This waffle really set this apart. The waffle was very fluffy and extremely tasty with the maple syrup already on it. The chicken was nothing crazy, but the waffle definitely elevated this production! I was happy.
Zaxby’s Chicken & Waffles sandwich
  • Zaxby’s gave us their own version of the chicken & waffle sandwich. This sandwich also included bacon! This sandwich slapped due to Zaxby’s chicken. The chicken was like Kobe Bryant on the lakers. It was just so noticeably flavorful! The waffle was solid but not that fluffy. It was a good chicken holder if that makes sense. The bacon did not do much for the sandwich, but I was content overall. BEST BELIEVE THAT.
BBQ Bacon Burger
  • McDonald’s, as always, introduced another new sandwich this season. This BBQ Bacon burger included beef, cheese, fried onions, bacon, and barbecue sauce. I did not set many expectations for this except for “I hope this is edible”. It was edible!! However, I was a 4 out 10 on its worst day and a 6 out of 10 on its best day. Very mediocre in my opinion and recommend ordering something else if you find yourself hungry at McDonald’s.

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