Flip N Toss Me Again.

Flip ‘N Toss brings a twist to your dining experience thanks to the great chef, David Thual. It is an extravagant burger joint that is the perfect escape for your cheat day. Let’s get into it:

  • My Expectations
    • I have seen this place on Instagram, and I thought it looked insane. However, I needed to try it for myself. I did not believe mac and cheese filled that much of the plate. I always wondered if the burger was even good. I generally thought such a place was hyped up due to social media. I assumed that this place probably was not that tasty, and they only served ridiculous menu items.
  • Reality
    • I made it to the front of the line and ordered the big mac & cheeseburger along with spicy guac fries. The burger came out and looked exactly like the picture.. CHEESE OVERLOAD. My jaw dropped immediately. The spicy guac fries definitely caught my attention as well due to the combination of fresh guac, jalepenos, salsa, and french fries! They were to die for (with the amount of food they give, you possibly could die. Beware). The big mac & cheeseburger blew my mind away. The macaroni was actually so good. You kind have to eat your way through the mac to get to the burger, so it is a true challenge. After I finally made it to the burger, I found that the burger was so juicy! Every bite was satisfying. Even though I was so **** full, I could not stop taking bites. Even though everything was amazing, I discovered this burger had TWO PATTIES. I COULD NOT GET THROUGH POUNDS OF MAC & CHEESE AND EAT A 2 POUND DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER. IS FLIP ‘N TOSS TRYING TO KILL PEOPLE? IF SO, SIGN ME UP AGAIN.

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