Its Bonchon, Baby

What it do babyyyy?? Bonchon is known for their double fried Bonchon chicken brushed over with their signature sauce. This recipe was fire! Let’s get into it:

  • Double frying method is a different method that Bonchon used. The wings were crispy but light at the same time. They caught me by surprise, because wings are usually dry when they are that fried. However, the chicken was tender and juicy! This made for a great bite every bite.
  • The flavors are really what made these wings lit. I split the Soy garlic and Spicy sauces. Boy oh boy! Fantastic decision by me. The soy garlic seems like an odd combination, but I loved it! The spicy was actually spicy, not mild. Literally jumped into my bite and the spice hit me in the face. The spicy still had tons of flavor unlike most traditional hot wings. They also have a Japanese mayo to dip your wings in to help the spice (also seems odd, but it was yummy).
  • The fried rice was different. They added in red pepper flakes and the soy garlic sauce to make an appetizing seasoning. I am obsessed with fried rice, and this was one of my favorites! Just know.. you can’t order the wrong thing if you just order what I suggested!

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