El Rey is Bae

El Rey is located in Washington, D.C. on U street and known as the bar with nachos and tequila. This combonation is vicious! Let’s get into it:

  • Nachos
    • The nachos from El Rey just hit differently. They seem basic, because they consists of just chips, cheese, jalapeños, and a protein. However, the steak is so juicy. The cheese is pour all throughout the chips, so every bite slaps. The steak + chip combo is so good that I will seek out a piece of steak for every chip I grab. I love a little spice, and the jalapeño adds that plus flavor. Must cop if you ever end up at El Rey.
  • Tequila
    • Tequila + Nachos just go together. El Rey’s margaritas are the perfect compliment to their banging nachos. Their pitcher of margarita is their most popular thing. And….. I see why. they are delicious and strong. This bar is always on my list to hit if I am going to U street. I must go see the best duo in D.C…

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