Hanks Oyster Bar. Run it back!

Hank’s Oyster Bar opened up its location on the Wharf in 2017. They wanted to incorporate their delicious food with an awesome waterfront scenery! Let’s get into it:

  • Hank’s is right on the wharf connected to the boardwalk overlooking the water. Hank’s has outside seating that allowed me to take in the great sun and toast cocktails with friends! How could you not have a good time eating seafood right on the water on a sunny day?
  • The menu features a variety of options with seafood dominating. The eastern shore crab dip, oyster po’ boy, and seasonal barbecue chicken were calling my name over and over. Every spot on the wharf offers seafood, but I liked how Hank’s had non-seafood options that snapped just the same! Sadly, some people just can’t enjoy a Maryland crab cake due to their allergies. SUCKS!
  • The oysters came out quick and were hearty in size. I dress my oysters up with a scoop of cocktail sauce and a dash of horseradish. They lasted maybe 60 seconds on the table. I also had the seasonal barbecue chicken, which sadly is not on the menu right now. The chicken was perfectly grilled and seasoned by a true chef! I need to run this food date back ASAP! Sometimes you gotta just go get friends without your friends..

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