Burger King. Pizza Hut. WYD??

As a young person on a budget, I can’t help but notice these fast food chains releasing new products! I picked a few that I heard a lot of buzz about from Burger King and Pizza Hut. Let’s get into it:

  • Let’s start with Pizza Hut. I ordered their stuffed Cheez-It pizza for $7. It tasted just as weird and mind-boggling as it sounds. It was very cheesy in the middle and reminded me of a mozzarella stick which isn’t bad. However… this Cheez-it crust starts playing with your taste buds. It was like someone giving me a Cheez-it and then it explodes with cheese. The marinara sauce helped and took away from the Cheez-it crust. Overall: 5/10
  • Burger King introduced their cheesy tots this year. Who doesn’t like tater tots? Then you add cheese? I am excited. Too bad Burger King unperformed. These were the most regular tots I have tasted LOL. They were a breaded tater tot with cheese in the middle, BUT I did not even taste the cheese (I guess that’s a good thing). It lacked flavor and was more bland than my grandfather’s crackers. Atleast they were only $1. Overall: Issa no from me dawg.
  • Lastly, Burger King introduced the “Impossible” whopper this year. I was excited to see how fast food will treat this vegan burger. My expectation was that it would be edible but bland. I was skeptical of how serious Burger King would take this. In reality, they SNAPPED. I have had a beef whopper before, and this was right in line with that. The flavors were pleasantly coming through! It was a big burger, so that made me happy that they did not skimp us. I most definitely would order this if I found myself in a Burger King line again. Overall: Torch!

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