ProteinHouse? For Food? Yes.

ProteinHouse says eating healthy is the first step toward an all around better life. They provide fresh, healthy, and quality foods to make you feel good! Let’s get into it:

Cajun BBQ Chicken Rice Bowl
  • Have you just worked out and want tasty meal that will also benefit your body?
    • ProteinHouse has so many options that I love. They are creative, healthy, and appetizing. Froyo pancakes, Cajun BBQ chicken rice bowl, Salmon burger, and PB&J shake are a few of my favorites from this extravagant menu!
  • What if I don’t work out?
    • That is okay. You can always get the satisfaction of working out from watching Instagram videos LOL. I’d like to point out that ProteinHouse does a great job with their seasoning! The cajun bbq chicken bowl was packed with flavor from the bbq sauce, seasoned chicken, and fresh onions and peppers. This was my go-to! Also, The salmon burger with the avocado and agave mustard was spectacularrr.
  • I’m vegan/gluten free! Do they have stuff for me?
    • ProteinHouse caters to all diets which I love. For the vegans, the vegan pancakes, acai bowls, and vegan burger are all fire options. You can get gluten free buns and wraps also!
  • Do you want to go to Protein House for the third day in a row?
    • Me:

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