Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken is Finger Lickin’

Two brothers from New Jersey now famous for their fried chicken? Yes, and their restaurant is a must hit while in East Village, NYC. Their fantastic chicken along with their smooth ambiance makes for a great recipe. Let’s get into it:

  • Blue Ribbon is a spot you walk past, look inside, and get the fear of missing out! It is a smooth environment that reminded me of a transformed warehouse with big windows and high ceilings. A great place to grab food as you walk the streets of NYC.
  • What to order? What to order? The Classic chicken sandwich is a simple go-to! If you want to indulge in their famous chicken recipe then I would crush the Tender Supreme or 2 piece combo. The smoked Mac n Cheese is also a must order. The regular and sweet potato fries were delicious. If you want to freak the plate, I recommend their Fries With the Works thats comes topped with cheddar cheese and smoked bacon!
  • Like most chicken spots, the sauces are a necessity. They found the perfect honey drizzle to accompany their chicken. They have a chipotle honey, wasabi honey, and my favorite is the wildflower honey. If you like spicy, try the ghost pepper gochujang sauce! Your reaction will be…

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