Jeni’s Brings Me Joy!

Jeni’s Ice Cream brings people together with their unique and delicious flavors of ice cream and wonderful customer service. Fresh ingredients and a nice environment makes this place special. I would chose this over most dessert places any day of the week! Let’s get into it:

Brambleberry crisp, Frose, and Rainbow
  • The ambiance of Jeni’s is youthful and bright! The employees are always upbeat and full of energy. This creates an infectious vibe throughout the shop. Every time I have gone, the line is piled up to the door, but the the wait is worth your time.
  • The flavors of Jeni’s are outstanding and unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. I don’t know who thought to put blackberry jam into vanilla ice cream to form Brambleberry crisp, but it works! From the Frosé to the salted peanut butter with chocolate, every bite will perfectly melt in your mouth. They found the perfect combonation of flavors and smoothness!
  • Could I eat this everyday? Yes without hesitation. It is affordable and great quality. I usually get the trio, which includes 3 scoops of my favorites at around $8.75. A pint is $12 and could EASILY be eaten in one night! Nobody wants your store bought ice cream when Jeni’s is still open!

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