Ooh’s and Aah’s. Yes please!

Ooh’s and Aah’s is a top soul food spot in Washington D.C. They have grown to be extremely popular after being featured on Diner, Drive-ins, and Drive in 2011. I can’t stop thinking about how great the food is. Let’s get into it:

8-wings and Mac N’ Cheese
  • Ooh’s and Aah’s ambiance and environment is what makes it unique. At their U St. location, it is a small face paced environment. You may not know what is going on at first, but they will find a way to take your order. It will be worth the hassle! They also opened up another location on Georgia Avenue that is a more homey sit down restaurant.
  • The food…IS BOMB. They have a range of different soul food items, and they all are delicious. From their chicken and waffles to teriyaki salmon to mac n’ cheese. The award winning mac n’ cheese makes me happy every time, because it tastes like the chef put their foot in it!
  • The flavors are immaculate. I have eaten tons of soul food so far, but this has changed the game. They give great portions as well. Big portions + Deep fried food = The itis! Oohs and Aahs will remain undefeated unless someone takes their recipe

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