Po Boy Jim. Period.

Shrimp Po Boy w/ Cajun Fries

Another one of my favorite local black owned restaurants is Po Boy Jim, packs a punch with their flavor and portions! Let’s dig in:

  • Po Boy Jim brings New Orleans to Washington D.C. Their menu easily will make your mouth water with their surf & turf po boy, voodoo wings, creole pasta, and shrimp & grits.
  • The ambiance at Po Boy Jim is smooth! The brick interior and intimate seating is perfect for taking photos of everyone’s food at once. They also keep their environment soulful with cultural music and tunes playing throughout your meal.
  • The freshness of the food is undeniable. After every bite of my shrimp po boy, I had to admire how full the shrimp were. It was definitely the most filling seafood sandwich I have had.
  • LETS GET INTO THE FLAVOR. The sauce on the po boy was exquisite. I could not tell you what it was, but I can definitely tell you that it belonged! Everything was seasoned to perfection, even the fries. They truly live up to that famous New Orleans reputation, because if I bit into that food and did not taste the creole then..

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